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This product range is washable, wipeable, taut-every-time, and a Live Streaming dream come true!

Create your own artwork by changing out the background and adding your Personal brand. There's no end to the creativity!

curved screen.png


Endless variety and creative outcomes
for Video, Live Streaming and Stills.

Make your own CD Covers, Poster artwork, VIP Invitations - for as many Shows as you may have! 

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Everyone LOVES the Curve! It just looks so Grand and Inspirational! Plus it only takes 6 minutes to setup, and 10 minutes to take down. 

The CURVE provides a Corporate Style presence of taut, non-crease Pantone Green fabric. The sides can be wrapped or not, with branding of your choice.


It lights evenly with minimal lighting because of the
specific fabric & specific Pantone Green colour.


The unique Luxury of Convenience is that the Green stays on!

The Curve comes with a matching Pantone Green Groundsheet that can be washed as necessary. It is a soft, virtually crease-free fabric that keys out well, even when underfoot. The upright section can be lightly steamed in 5 minutes, if necessary. No chemical smells either! 

The strong nylon carry bag with full length zip and shoulder strap can be sanitised.
Weight = 15-16kg.
Size : 4,5m x 2,25m (h). Note that it requires a little more floor space due to the curved shape - but it's so worth it! 

Curved Banner Wall Green.png
Pop Up Fabric Straight Fold up.png
Bag for Popup Fabric Straight and Curved.png
Bag for Popup Fabric Straight and Curved.png


Slimline Banner (double-sided) / 3m x 2m(h)
with detachable infinity curve Groundsheet

Place your Brand (or the Florals if your prefer) on the reverse side of the Pantone Green  Screen

Compact enough for 'Hollywood at Home'. Create your Videos at Home, all day, every day and change the Likes to WoWWW, Insane!!

Endless variety and creative outcomes for Video, Live Streaming and Stills.
The Slimline offers fun choices and
Garden Parties of Note - just bring out the Eats & Drinks and sit down in front of the Florals for some Al Fresco fun!


A practical get-it-done beautiful choice that takes the same time as above to set up and knock down. Get straight into your Creative, in no time at all. It's that easy! 

in banner wall kit.png
  1. Once set-up the fabric is automatically stretched to create a wrinkle free, evenly lit  Pantone Green screen. It can enjoy a light steam if necessary. 

  2. Washable Infinity Curve-effect Groundsheet in matching Pantone Green, cut and stitched in the same fabric for best Live Streaming. 

  3. Full colour sublimated dye (no chemical smells) on a matt graphic fabric panel.

  4. Perfect for Interviews, Awards, Filming, Demonstrations, Live Streaming and whatever new ideas you come up with. This is just the beginning!

  5. The side panels can be covered and Branded as requested.


Tall & Wide size :

  • 4,5m x 2,25m (h)

The unique, first-to-market detachable Pantone Green, Groundsheet (to suit above dimensions) which forms an Infinity Curve with the upright screen.

Strong nylon pack-up bag with zip and shoulder strap. Bag can be sanitised. Weight = 13kg-19kg

Think personal Fashion Show; Town Hall updates; Mime & Comedians ...

Pop Up Fabric Straight Fold up.png
Bag for Popup Fabric Straight and Curved.png

Live Streaming and keying out the Green is now an absolute breeze

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