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Is this also your story?

The Sanctuary of our homes has been disrupted in an unprecedented way. Personal space is being exposed and our home lives are pretty much visible, uncomfortably so ...

And even though we’re now getting the hang of Life-Online, the one big pain point is still the BACKGROUND.

So how do your regain that
all-important Professionalism, not to mention dignity, in this Online world ?


Should your Boss be looking into your bedroom?

From the sheer embarrassment of family crossing from the bathroom, and keeping the house neat at all times - our Backgrounds continue to distress us. 

And what about Security? Who is in fact looking in from the Gallery? And, should your Boss even be looking into your bedroom? 

But what on earth do you do about it?

HOW do we do anything Professional when all we've got is the kitchen, lounge or bedroom for 'an office'?


The Digi OFFICE Kit (DOK) becomes your own Digital Branding transformation.

Your own Virtual Billboard, transformed and changed as desired.  

smart sprint graphics4.png

It's your Virtual Billboard that propels you into the New-next Professionalism, Online. 

smart sprint graphics5.png


  • Crisp images - e.g. of your Office premises, as background.  

  • Totally legible Brand straplines 

  • Easy-read contact details right there in the same screen as you.

  • Thus ideal for personal and business branding. 

Everything uniquely YOU, at last !

No more Hawaiian Beach scenes for business meetings - ever!

smart sprint graphics8.png

NO MORE pixellation and ghosting effects. You can make your point without half your face or hand, disappearing in the process! 

And you can really enjoy the Creativity of your new VIRTUAL BILLBOARD.


It is ideally suited and sized to your Home Office. Privacy & Dignity at last!


Once you've purchased your Digi OFFICE Kit (DOK), you can add the Game Changer Packages to get you Up & Running in no time at all.


It's all a bit new and innovative, and initially needs guidance.

Here's an Example of Package #2
  • Your Personal / Corporate brand revised for the digital small screen.

  • Professional photography of your office premises as background, for example. 

  • Your WFH new smart dress code aligned to your Brand.

  • Professional photography to update your LinkedIn & related Profiles. 

smart sprint graphics11.png
smart sprint graphics9.png

Create your own beautiful Series of images for your Zoom meeting: Welcome / Workshop / Breakways 

It will do wonders for your Customer XP !
smart sprint graphics10.png
Creative Ingenuity

Your DOK background becomes your Personal or Corporate Brand for as many Hats as your may wear. From Travel Agent to Corporate Executive : there's no limit! 

It's Prime Real Estate actually because your viewer is looking directly at you, as you speak, as you engage and as you show up. 

You are now at the Centre of your Professional Online presence. Neat!

Visual distractions have been removed. Now it's time to dress your best!

smart sprint graphics6.png
green tick.png

I have a DOK Green Screen.

Read MORE about the difference. 

Brought to you by: 

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Awaken the sleeping giant called POTENTIAL! i.e. Yours.


We will be setting up Zoom Demo Calls for you to see the DOK in action, and ask questions.

Pop us an email to indicate your interest.

PROMISE : No spamming 

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Looking forward to Connecting!

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