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The World Online has opened
up new market opportunities. 
Do you look the part?

I really enjoy thinking up
ideas and innovations
to solve problems

The idea of stimulating the small to medium economy (SME) or creating initiatives that cause a ripple effect of knock-on successes drives my "Why not"?! 

In my debut innovation, I'm the

By drawing on my varied Academic qualifications, career background and life experience, I can add nuanced value and astute observations. It's both creative and academic, and the outcome is often really interesting and uniquely innovative!


From Professional Pharmacist to Creative Director living out my new passion at last - and graduating in 2017 with a BA (Visual Communications) : double major in both Photography and Graphic Design - I simply love the potential of my new skill set.

My first innovative product range is aimed at the 'Online-everyone' wanting a professional, personal and New-Next Online Presence. 


The Green Screen Queen's product range delivers on such transformation and new potential, with absolute confidence.


Just like old times, only better!

It is Visionary and Creative in its approach - and with a dash of Aesthetic Intelligence it can bring about a NO ghosting ‘whole new’ look, for everyday Zoom Online, Webinars and - all from the comfort and safety of your Home. Why ever not?!

The (optional) Game Changer Packages assist the transition to get properly set-up and looking good, as well as address any new ideas spawned in the process because this is just the happy beginning!

The Green Screen Queen range is a delightful, wholesome opportunity to go forward and make life happen once again : from the Home Executive to the Full-time Vlogger, to the Movie Makers and more!

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