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Working from Home - the new reality!

Digi Video Kit #9.png

PhotoShoot :Weytlands, Fourways Design Interiors

Digi VIDEO Kit,  1,5mx2m, with unique detachable mini-Stage.

The Digi VIDEO Kit (DVK)

The DVK offers the perfect, easy set-up in the comfort of your Home. It gives you the freedom to record Content or Live Stream, from the privacy of your Home.

The detachable Infinity Curve (aka the Mini-Stage) completes the picture of Style & Professionalism for your standing tall videos, with full Body Language expression. 

Being compact and portable you can move the DVK around the house with ease, to share amongst your family.

It packs up quickly at the end of your Online-day thus restoring the Sanctuary of your Home. 

Asian Presenter prnt.jpg
Digi Video Kit #9.png

WOW!-them with your
knowledge and insights.

The Digi VIDEO Kit is perfect for Online Training. So 'Dress your Best' once again, look the smart-part and command your Online Presence with confidence and Style

It's just like before, only better in the new-Next Online world. 

A wider Slimline Banner (3m x 2m high)

is available for multiple presenters or a wider background layout - because the Green Screen Queen's product range 'has got your back'!

The Slimline is  non-crease, and fully washable. Just amazing actually! (Scroll down to see more).

Digi Video Kit #23.png
DVK Logo Final_All2.jpg

Record your video presentation at Home. Drop in your Office Background and Logo behind you, in Post-Production. And then you're good to go! 


AdobeStock_225201549a_with GSQ.png
smart sprint graphics6.png
Digi Video Kit #6.png

Add Sparkle to your

      Online Shine!


Step up to the Virtual podium with confidence as a Professional Speaker, Workshop Presenter, Online Trainer, Interviewer or Applicant ... just everyone, actually!

Presenters_Mixed prnt.jpg
DVK Logo Final_All2.jpg

Double-sided Slimline Banner, 3mx2m, with unique detachable mini-Stage.

Everything uniquely YOU, at last !

You may just get a bit carried away once you get the hang of it all ...


This is the versatile, double-sided Slimline Banner in action - freedom of expression just comes alive!

You can really command the Small Screen with a full body language performance. Stand tall again and dress your Best at your Home Office. And - explore you full potential! 

Create backgrounds that work specifically with your Personal Online Brand, add the Logo, Icon and a beautifully concise, punchy Tagline. 

- we’ll show you how with the Game Changer Packages! 

GreenScreen_How To prnt.jpg

For straightforward Zoom meetings you simply require a Digi Kit of your choice, and a Game Changer package to get you started nicely. It also saves you money because you don't have to print different banners! Explore the New-world with style.


Yes! It's becoming more & more plug and play. This time next year, it will be 'old hat.' 

Showcase YOUR Personal Online Brand with Style!

Your own
transformed and updated as desired.  

smart sprint graphics6.png
green tick.png

I have a DOK Green Screen.

Read MORE about the difference. 

smart sprint graphics9.png

Create your own beautiful Series of images for your Zoom meeting: Welcome / Workshop / Breakways 

It will do wonders for your Customer XP !
smart sprint graphics10.png
Creative Ingenuity

Your DOK background becomes your Personal or Corporate Brand for as many Hats as your may wear. From Travel Agent to Corporate Executive : there's no limit! 

It's Prime Real Estate actually because your viewer is looking directly at you, as you speak, as you engage and as you show up. 

You are now at the Centre of your Professional Online presence. Neat!

Visual distractions have been removed. Now it's time to dress your best!

smart sprint graphics6.png
green tick.png

I have a DOK Green Screen.

Read MORE about the difference. 

Brought to you by: 

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Awaken the sleeping giant called POTENTIAL! Yours.


We will be setting up Zoom Demo Calls for you to see the DOK in action, and ask questions.

Pop us an email to indicate your interest.

PROMISE : No spamming 

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Looking forward to Connecting!

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